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Impact Your Bottom Line with a Corporate Fitness Program!

  • Statistics clearly show that a Corporate Fitness Program helps to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.
  • Company employees gain an appreciation for your interest in their health and well-being, effectively reducing turnover rates.
  • Travelers Insurance Company’s program resulted in a 19% reduction in the use of sick leave over a four year period, estimating a return on investment of $3.40 for every dollar spent.
  • DuPont reduced absenteeism by 47% over six years for their corporate fitness program participants.

Cost of Absenteeism

Let’s do some math, and consider the cost of absenteeism for a company of 100 people. A survey showed that the average rate of absenteeism is 2.5% on any given day, or approximately 3 people for our example. The cost of a sick day can be calculated as (Salary + 30% employer costs) divided by 240 working days. If we assume an average wage of $40,000, the average cost per sick day / per employee is ($40,000 + $12,000)/240, which equals approximately $217 per day. Three absences per day @$217 = $651 per day X 240 days, for a total cost to the company of approximately $156,240. The average cost of absenteeism per employee = $1562. If you could reduce the absenteeism by 15%, the savings would be $234 per employee, per year.

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