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“I’m hitting the ball 30 yards farther than I ever have” – CM

“My golf partners can’t believe how well I’m turning. My shots are longer and straighter”DB

“I’m hitting the snot out of the ball” – JH

The most efficient swing is based on what your body can and cannot do. Poor swing mechanics and poor conditioning can lead to injury. A certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructor can help you improve your form, play injury free, and function more effectively in your everyday life.

58% of amateur golfers have poor posture at address.

64% have a loss of body angles (posture) while executing a swing. This leads to a variety of characteristics, such as early extension, hitting over-the-top, casting, sway, and slide.

We provide a comprehensive conditioning program for golfers that will help you to improve your golf swing mechanics & power, and avoid injury. Our program includes:

  1. Golf fitness assessments designed to measure your flexibility, posture, balance, and movement.
  2. Stretches that will improve flexibility, correct postural imbalances, and lengthen short and tight muscles that restrict optimal swing mechanics.
  3. Functional exercises designed to strengthen and coordinate movement patterns specific to the game of golf.
  4. A cardiovascular conditioning program that will improve your endurance and focus.
  5. Recovery strategies that include: Self-Myofascial release techniques as well as nutrition & lifestyle coaching.

Contact us now to schedule a golf specific physical assessment, so you can improve your golf game and your overall well being.

CAUTION: You may lower your handicap in the process!


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